Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm beginning to think many of the freelancers young and not so young
are uninsured by sheer LAZINESS. It seems more often that not that they are
missing one if not all of the policies a Freelance photographer, artist, musician, (most independent contractors) should be holding.
Medical...YES it's expensive...but to not hold a catastrophe policy? Mind you,
almost all of the people I've encounter would experience tremendous hardship if they
were to get injured and did not have appropriate coverage. (or they would put a heavy
burden on their family).
Sure if they're injured on the job MAYBE the people they're working for have a Workers Comp policy and
could take them to the hospital to attend to their injuries....but that's all it will do.
It won't pay your bills if you're out of work for a year...or more.(insert Disability Policy HERE!!)
While I'm on that topic I must say I as well know one too many Professional Photographers and other Creative types who are hiring the uninsured that don't have proper insurance themselves (Workers Comp,Liability/Auto).
Sure a lawsuit could ensue, however, I wouldn't wish that stress upon anyone. And who is to say that person that hired you has a pot to piss in to sue them for.
What's amazing is that these Professionals often don't read the contracts they sign
indemnifying the Company they are working for. These Company's are the smart ones
looking out for their best interest and I think it's about time more assistants/crew and
"Professional" Photographers/Artists Etc... begin doing the same.
It all seems so basic and obvious however 9 times out of 10 when I ask people about
their coverage, there is a quiet head hanging. However there is no shame in their excited discriptions of their recent vacation or where they went out to eat last night....


  1. Very true. I cant believe it when I ask my friends about insurance. Nobody has it. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't have health insurance.

  2. Parsons: Share your wisdom!!!


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